More Mandatory Volunteerism: Men Surrender DNA in UK

The BBC reports that approximately 4,000 men in the UK are being “asked” to “voluntarily” give up their DNA to help solve the murder of a young model. Upon closer examination, however, we see that it is not so voluntary. The detective in charge of the investigation, Stuart Cundy, states:

“It is an entirely voluntary process. None of those DNA samples or finger prints will be used to check out an other unsolved crimes.

Obviously if someone does refuse then each case will be reviewed on its own merits.”

That sounds like a veiled threat to me and I’m not the only one. Bruce Schneier writes in his blog:

Did the detective chief inspector just threaten those 4,000 men? Sure seems that way to me.

See my related entry Soft Surveillance: The Growth of Mandatory Volunteerism for a link to an article that provides an in-depth analysis into this type of bullying.

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