Spy Agencies Look For More Ways To Mine Data

The NSA takes a shopping trip in Silicon Valley. This article takes a peak at their shopping list and the new technologies being employed against imagined and real enemies of the state.

But by fundamentally changing the nature of surveillance, high-tech data mining raises privacy concerns that are only beginning to be debated widely. That is because to find illicit activities it is necessary to turn loose software sentinels to examine all digital behavior whether it is innocent or not.

“All digital behavior” – Keep that phrase in mind.

Read the New York Times article.

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Homeland Security Thugs Harass Library Patrons

For reasons unknown, a couple of uniformed Homeland Security thugs waltzed into a Bethesda, MD public library and sternly warned all the computer users that downloading pornography is forbidden. Then they chose to pick apart one patron’s choice of internet reading before a librarian intervened and called the police.

Read the Washington Post article: Policing Porn Is Not Part of Job Description

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‘Total Information Awareness’ Lives On

A controversial counter-terrorism program dubbed “Total Information Awareness” (TIA) which lawmakers halted more than two years ago amid outcries from privacy advocates, was stopped in name only and has quietly continued within the intelligence agency now fending off charges that it has violated the privacy of U.S. citizens.

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‘Real ID Act’ Approved By House Of Representatives

In 2008, your new state-issued ID card could be bristling with geegaws like RFID tags, personal DNA data, fingerprints, or retinal scans.

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New OpenBSD Live CD: OliveBSD

Following on the heels of the release last month of Anonym.OS, there is a new kid on the OpenBSD live CD block, OliveBSD. OliveBSD is a LiveCD based on OpenBSD 3.8 and put together by Gabriel Paderni, who made use of the “Building an OpenBSD Live CD” article by Kevin Lo.

The OliveBSD Project

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In Praise of German Engineering

Volkswagen is producing some great cars lately and great commercials to go along with them. This set of commercials for the GTI pokes fun at “ricers.” For the uninitiated, “ricers” are those guys with the late 90’s model Hondas that they “trick out” with lowered suspensions, clear corner lamps, and fartcan mufflers and generally make them as ugly and as annoying as hell. I love Hondas but what these idiots do to them should be a crime so this series of VW commercials I find particularly amusing.

See them at paultan.org

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Homeland Security Seeking RFID Technology to Track Individuals

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is looking for technology that can read government-issued documents from up to 25 feet away, pinpoint pedestrians on street corners, and glean the identity of people whizzing by in cars at 55 miles per hour, according to a new book outlining threats to privacy.

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