Inept City Manager Threatens Cent-OS Linux with the FBI

A typically self-important and technically incompetent bureaucrat threatened makers of the Cent-OS linux distribution with the FBI after his city’s misconfigured webserver crashed and the Apache boilerplate showing “Cent-OS” in the text led him to believe that the server had been “hacked” by Cent-OS software.

The Register reports:

“Who gave you permission to invade my website and block me and anyone else from accessing it???,” Taylor wrote to CentOS. “Please remove your software immediately before I report it to government officials!! I am the City Manager of Tuttle, Oklahoma.”

and later after a very patient explanation from Cent-OS that they were not responsible for his problems and to contact his IT staff or ISP the inept city manager continued his threats:

“I have four computers located at City Hall. All of these computers display the same CentOS page when attempting to bring up Now if your software is not causing this problem, how does it happen??? No one outside this building has complained about this problem. This is a block of public access to a city’s website. Remove your software within the next 12 hours or an official complaint to the FBI is being filed!”

Priceless, but it gets better. Mr. “I am going to report you linux hackers to the FBI” later asserts that he is computer literate with 22 years experience in system engineering.

“I am computer literate! I have 22 years in computer systems
engineering and operation. Now, can you tell me how to remove ‘your
software’ that you acknowledge you provided free of charge? I consider
this ‘hacking.'”

Read the rest of the bizarre email exchange here.

The folks at Cent-OS should really be applauded for their patience and continued willingness to help in the face of such hubris and absurdity. What strikes me about this story is not the fact that the city manager of Tuttle, OK – Jerry Taylor – was and is such an e-tard but his outright refusal to admit even in the end that he was at fault. Instead he continues to blame Cent-OS because he didn’t understand their (very comprehensible and helpful) initial reply to his threatening email:

“I am sorry that we had to go through the process and accusations to
get the problem resolved. It could have been resolved a lot quicker if
the initial correspondence with you provided the helpful information
that was transmitted in the last messages. My initial contact with
VIDIA disallowed any knowledge of creating the problem.”

Mr. Taylor, you like most bureaucrats and “government officials” are an arrogant dolt and are an embarassment to your city and your constituents. If you had owned up to the fact that you over-reacted and then apologized and thanked the Cent-OS folks for helping you when they had no obligation to do so then this would be a non-event. Rather, considering your rush to abuse your much-cherished authority, you should be removed from your office, tarred and feathered on public access television and barred from using a computer for the rest of your life.

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