John McCain’s Double-Talk Express

Saw this over at CrooksandLiars. Priceless video of presidential hopeful Senator John McCain flip-flopping on various issues.

George Carlin on Religion

Truth with hilarity the way only George Carlin can deliver it.

Unix – The Hole Hawg

Unix has always lurked provocatively in the background of the operating system wars, like the Russian Army. Most people know it only by reputation, and its reputation, as the Dilbert cartoon suggests, is mixed. But everyone seems to agree that if it could only get its act together and stop surrendering vast tracts of rich agricultural land and hundreds of thousands of prisoners of war to the onrushing invaders, it could stomp them (and all other opposition) flat.

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Bruce Schneier Facts… Funny and Smart

Its a little known fact that if you change the SSID of an unprotected WIFI connection to BRUCESCHNEIER, it becomes completely secure….SSL is invulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. Unless that man is Bruce Schneier….Bruce Schneier once factored a prime number.

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What does your browser reveal about your personality?

Not to be taken too seriously, here is an amusing article on what your choice of web browser (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.) says about your personality.

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How to Hack Cingular, Sprint PCS, and T-Mobile Voicemail

Exploiting the common “lazyness” of people, we can listen to voice mail and get the phone number of the caller, change the greeting on the phone or even lock a user out of his own voice mail by setting up a password. In this article we will utilize an online service to accomplish the Caller ID Spoofing.

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Imminent Windows Worm Attack: Experts Warn Of ‘The Big One’

As the spotlight on a dangerous Windows vulnerability grows brighter by the hour, security analysts Thursday said that it’s not hype driving the alarms, but genuine fear that a major worm attack is just days away. This is no drill. Thursday’s deepening concern was fueled by several releases of new exploit code.

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Linux: Idiots Need Not Apply

Microsoft apparently believes the future belongs to morons. Users of their products are consistently pelted by incredibly annoying messages apparently intended to lessen the effect of their lack of cerebral capacity. Does there breathe a user so base that he or she did not want to kill Clippy?

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Feds Targeted by Hackers as Windoze Luzers

From Internet Cloaking Emerges as New Web Security Threat:

Cloaking is just one means by which hostile intelligence organizations can exploit the ability of IP addresses to reveal the physical location—and frequently the organizational identity—of a user visiting a Web site. Another method Cottrell described was a case in which hackers set a number of criteria that they all shared using the Linux operating system and the Netscape browser, among other factors. When federal investigators using PCs running Windows and using Internet Explorer visited the hackers’ shared site, the hackers’ system immediately mounted a distributed denial-of-service attack against the federal system.

Sending federal investigators out into cyberspace using Windows is like sending troops out into a tank battle driving Ford Pintos.