All about Ogg, WAV, and MP3 under Linux

What is described in the following may be illegal where you live. Where I live, the law permits making a small number of copies of the contents of legally acquired media for personal use as long as this does not involve circumventing copy protection. Strangely enough, “personal use” includes giving a copy to close relatives. And “small number” certainly is well under double-digits, but to my knowledge the courts have not yet made it explicit. You didn’t expect the legislators – politicians! – to do that in the course of creating the legislation, did you?

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Entertainment Industry: wiretap the net!

“The entertainment industry has proposed that ISPs should be forced by law to monitor all customers’ communications for copyright infringement, charging for anything that might be a copyrighted work.”

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Stuff it in their analog hole, call the MPAA today

The MPAA wants to plug the “analog hole”. Give top MPAA execs and their underlings an ear full today as part of the call-in action “Freedom Rings at the MPAA”. The site is posting call reports all day, so you can read what other people had to say.

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You can lobby but you can’t hide

Stop DRM! Get ready for action against the executives at the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) this Friday. The MPAA’s unrelenting lobbying has saddled us with the DMCA, and now threatens us with legislation mandating the Broadcast Flag and closure of the Analog Hole. DefectiveByDesign has the questions to ask and the numbers to call.

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Join DefectiveByDesign at Linux World and Say No to DRM

Linuxworld is celebrating its 15th anniversary in San Francisco next week. Join the party and help send the message that technologists wont accept DRM. DefectiveByDesign folk are helping make this visual statement against DRM.

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A Five Minute Guide to Opposing DRM

I’ve been covering the Free Software Foundation’s Defective By Designcampaign against Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies since its planning stages. Starting from scratch, in less than three months, the campaign has grown to 7000 members. This number is impressive.

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RIAA and MPAA: ‘Piss on your infrastructure’

…and your life. This is the short of it when it comes to the long circuitous blather of MPAA and RIAA (aka “copyright owners”) attorneys. So reports Ed Felton of the Freedom to Tinker website:

One would have thought they’d make awfully sure that a DRM measure didn’t threaten critical infrastructure or endanger lives, before they deployed that measure. But apparently they want to keep open the option of deploying DRM even when there are severe doubts about whether it threatens critical infrastructure and potentially endangers lives.

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