Richard Dawkins Discussing Atheism on CNN

Richard Dawkins is interviewed by Paula Zahn on CNN, as a response to an earlier story about discrimination against Atheists.

Sam Harris at Idea City 2005

Sam Harris gives a brief speech of the ideas expressed in his book, The End of Faith.

John McCain’s Double-Talk Express

Saw this over at CrooksandLiars. Priceless video of presidential hopeful Senator John McCain flip-flopping on various issues.

Sam Harris on Stem Cell Research and Religion

A video excerpt of Sam Harris’ presentation at the Beyond Belief 2006 symposium. In it, Harris exposes the bizarre “arithmetic of souls” arguments forwarded by the religious in opposition to stem cell research as both intellectually and morally untenable.

Teapot Atheists

Richard Dawkins illustrates Bertrand Russell’s ‘Celestial Teapot’ argument with his usual clarity and brilliance.

Another Reason To Love Richard Dawkins

From the Beyond Belief 2006 Conference in San Diego, CA. Full-length videos from that event here.

George Carlin on Religion

Truth with hilarity the way only George Carlin can deliver it.